ENER-G opens up energy saving benefits of CHP technology to cash strapped organisations

UK business energy users are reducing their energy costs to beat the economic downturn - without raiding their capital or taking out expensive loans.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)  specialist ENER-G Combined Power Ltd is reporting accelerated uptake of its pioneering Discount Energy Purchase scheme, which gives cash strapped organisations access to energy efficient cooling technology, without any upfront investment.

ENER-G pioneered its pay-as-you-save Discount Energy Purchase scheme  in the 1990s and since the recent economic downturn more than 50% of its cogeneration systems are purchased using this cash saving financial model.

With no capital outlay for equipment or installation, clients can benefit from an immediate reduction in their energy costs and carbon footprint. The CHP system is then paid for via a metered energy charge that is guaranteed to be lower than previous electricity purchase costs. The plentiful supply of cooling is supplied free.

Sales Director Ian Hopkins Said: “The Discount Energy Purchase concept is very simple and places virtually no risk on our clients. We select and install a CHP system that converts primary fuel into electricity and cooling/heat. Because the system is more efficient, we are able to charge less for electrical output than the grid, provide free heating/cooling and still recoup adequate funds to cover the investment cost and ongoing maintenance of the system. Our clients can use their capital to fund core projects and sit back and enjoy bottom line savings.”

Hopkins added: “we have clients that have enjoyed the benefits of Discount Energy Purchase for 15 years and are now replacing their equipment under the same simple contract structure. DEP is a very effective way for companies to regain some control over their energy costs while electricity rates continue to rise.”

How the Discount Energy Purchase Scheme (DEP) works

With DEP the client signs a contract to purchase the electricity generated by a CHP unit over an agreed number of years (usually 10 years). ENER-G installs, operates and finances the CHP installation at no upfront cost and the energy produced is contracted back to the customer at a discounted rate. This scheme provides customers with the following benefits:


  • No capital outlay / risk
  • No continual maintenance / aftercare costs
  • Guaranteed capped energy costs for the duration of the agreement
  • Faster route to scheme implementation and immediate saving.


This type of Equipment Supplier Finance scheme requires review mechanisms and safeguards to keep the benefits of the project equitable to both user and supplier.
The contract provides a statement of guaranteed performance (i.e. guaranteed number of hours running per year and guaranteed minimum power output, backed up by an agreed scale of charges if performance targets are not achieved. The principle is that payments are only made for the energy supplied.
ENER-G remotely monitors the systems 24/7 from its manned command centre in Salford, providing year-round technical support.

ENER-G are Europe’s leading provider of packaged cogeneration and trigeneration systems with over 700 installations in the UK and sister companies in Holland, Poland, Romania, Hungary, USA and Italy. The company design, build, operates and maintains CHP units across Europe, with approximately half of the installed assets deployed under the DEP scheme. ENER-G's systems are available from just 4kWe to over 5MWe in size and can be deployed across the commercial, industrial and public sectors.

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