ENER-G Launches Free 'Quick Guide To Improving Energy Performance - At No Cost'

A free 'Quick Guide to Improving Energy Performance - at No Cost' has been launched by ENER-G (www.energ.co.uk)  to help cash strapped businesses save money on their energy bills, improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon, without upfront expense.

The guide details the no cost remedies available to reduce the pain of rising energy prices, including ten tips for improving energy performance in business through improved energy efficiency, smarter energy buying and on-site power generation.

Gary Dowsett, Director of ENER-G Controls, said: "The need for organisations to embrace energy efficiency measures is made more urgent by the upward price trend. The government’s own highly conservative estimates are for a 26% energy price rise over a decade, with other industry experts predicting a 100% hike by 2020. With such increases, taking action is no longer a choice, it’s an imperative to remain competitive.

"There's a common misconception that installing technologies that improve energy efficiency is out of budget. The availability of the government's Green Deal loans for business may have been delayed, but commercial shared savings agreements, such as the Guaranteed Savings schemes provided by ENER-G,  provide the results businesses are looking for on a 'pay as you save' basis.  In addition, incentives such as the Renewable Heat Incentive and Feed in Tariff  can  also make energy saving financially attractive.

The  Quick Guide provides ten top tips for reducing business energy costs, including strategy and action planning; measuring, monitoring and controlling energy consumption; smarter procurement; people power and voltage optimisation.

The ‘Quick Guide to Energy Saving at No Cost' is available free to download from: http://www.emagine-controls.com/a+quick+guide+to+improving+energy+performance+at+no+cost-73.html

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