Emplas starts the year with a triple award of accreditations

Wellingborough-based trade specialist and Profile 22 fabricator Emplas has secured a triple suite of accreditations.


Recognising commitments made by the company to the continuous improvement of its environmental footprint, to health and safety and to efficient management, the Northamptonshire window manufacturer has secured ISO14001, ISO18001 and PAS99 respectively.  


Kevin Johnson, managing director, said: “Operating in new build, social and ever increasingly in residential markets, customers place growing value on accreditations as a mark that they’re dealing with a reputable business and that includes a commitment not only to quality but also a commitment to the environment.


“We’re delighted to have secured ISO14001, ISO18001 and PAS99 in recognition of that commitment to both the sustainability of our operation and the quality of product and service that we provide but we believe it also adds value to our offer to our customers in the trade as their supplier.”


To secure the ‘green’ accreditation ISO14001 Emplas put in place a number of measures to reduce usage of water, gas and electricity, to minimise and recycle waste plus reduce the consumption of fuel of its fleet.


This included the installation of a 210 panel, 50kW system on the South-East facing roof of its 45,000 sq ft manufacturing operation late last year, providing significant proportion of Emplas’ projected electricity usage.


Johnson said: “There are dual benefits here. We’re accessing a clean and renewable source of energy and that’s good for the environment but on another level it simply makes good business sense and supports us in keeping a cap on our overheads so that we don’t have to pass increased energy costs on to our customers.


“The same is true of ISO18001. If our health and safety record is better it makes for a better working environment for our employees and that in turn supports a more efficient operation.


“In the same way PAS99 pulls together ISO14001, 18001 and 9001 to create an integrated systems management plan and deliver more efficient operation across the business, safeguarding quality and enhancing service.”


For more information visit www.emplas.co.uk , email info@emplas.co.uk or call 01933 674880.

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