Emco UK Dives in with a Grate Service

Emco UK have supplied Sir Charles Parson School in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne with overflow grating for their new indoor hydrotherapy and swimming pool. As a school for children with severe and multiple learning difficulties, Sir Charles Parson's required a surface that was easy to maintain, would not act as a haven for bacteria, or cause obstruction when dealing with the children's access in and out of the pool.

Emco UK secured the contract with P F Burridge & sons Ltd, (Principal Contractor) due to the exceptional performance characteristics of their products and their ability to supply and complete the bespoke system well within a short lead-time. The cost effective grating system is not only slip resistant but, unlike other products, it is malleable and can be rolled up allowing easy maintenance and cleaning. Constructed from hard, durable PVC that can withstand high impact, the solid profile of the grating deters the harbouring of bacteria. The Emco system also features unique, rigid mitred corners, which avoid the necessity to join corners on site. The project also required the maximum 500mm width gratings which Emco were able to supply without a centre support to facilitate increased drainage capacity. The system is available in yellow, white, beige and the grey, which was chosen for Sir Charles Parson School.

Emco are well known in the UK for their entrance matting systems but they have also been manufacturing a wide range of overflow gratings, cover gratings, hygiene matting and accessories for swimming pools for more than 20 years.

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