Elta & IMCO partnership for Turkey’s newest stadium

The joint expertise of Elta Fans and Istanbul based IMCO has recently been highlighted in a project to provide ventilation systems for the car parks of Turkey’s newest multi-purpose stadium.

The Turk Telekom Arena in Istanbul has replaced the 45-year-old Ali Sami Yen Stadium as the new home to the Galatasaray Spor Kulűbű (Galatasaray Sports Club), one of Turkey’s most famous football clubs and the holders of the record for the highest number of Turkish cups and joint record holders for the Turkish league.  With a capacity of almost 53,000, the stadium has a parking area which can accommodate 3,225 vehicles: 3,025 in a closed area and a further 200 in an adjacent open area. 

IMCO has successfully completed some 15 different car park projects across Turkey (totalling over 600,000 square metres) and has built an excellent reputation for understanding the particular ventilation requirements of what can prove challenging applications. In each project they have employed Impulse and/or Induction fans specifically developed by Elta for car park ventilation. 

Dual ventilation in fully enclosed car parks is important as in the event of a fire, it is vital that a method of effectively removing the smoke is in place, not only to help ensure a safe evacuation process – particularly important with the numbers involved at a stadium - but also to allow the fire and rescue services to gain safe access in order to tackle the fire.  For this reason the use of impulse fans in enclosed car parks is being increasingly employed throughout Europe. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is often used within car park applications to predict the behaviour of smoke in the event of a fire.  At the Turk Telekom Arena, Elta Fans worked with IMCO and an independent UK based CFD company to conduct a detailed study, focusing on smoke extraction from a long opening to the car park of approximately 100 metres.  This study ensured that the location and orientation of the fans was optimised to counter environmental factors such as wind direction and velocity based on data obtained from the local meteorological authorities.  Another feature which had to be considered was the fact that the car park runs around the perimeter of the pitch, requiring the introduction of measures to prevent the spread of smoke if spectators were required to evacuate from any point within the stadium or car park in the event of an emergency.

A total of 180 fans from Elta - a mix of JetVent centrifugal induction, JetVent Impulse Ventilation and SmokeVent emergency ventilation – were installed to protect the Turk Telekom Arena car park, along with electric switch gears, control panels and extract motorised dampers sourced locally by IMCO.

Funded by public resources, the Turk Telekom Arena was built at a cost of $600million.  It officially opened on 15 January 2011 with a crowd of 40,000 at a spectacular opening ceremony followed by a friendly match between home team Galatasaray SK of the Turkish Spor Toto Super Lig and Dutch club AFC Ajax.

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