Elta Fans’ PowerPlus brochure now available

A 20-page, colour brochure has been produced following the launch of a new PowerPlus range from the Kingswinford-based fan manufacturer, Elta Fans.  The PowerPlus range has been specifically developed to tackle higher pressure requirements with a straightforward, efficient and definitive approach.

The new two-stage, contra-rotating axial fan is housed in a single roll-formed, welded housing of robust, heavy-gauge sheet steel with integral spun flanges for a smoother airflow along with low-profile, mounting brackets.  The enclosed air-over motor allows for a maximum open area within the fan, increasing efficiency, reducing velocities through the casing and resulting in a reduction in noise and vibration levels. 

Three-phase motors coupled with inverter soft starts (to reduce wear and tear and prolong motor-life), have been used as a more efficient and reliable option than traditional single-phase capacitor, start-and-run motors.  The motors are wired via a flexible, weatherproofed cable system to a single IP55 terminal box on the outside of the casing.  This makes the unit easily accessible and simpler to handle, wire and install than conventional two-staged fans.

The range as shown in the brochure comprises four standard sizes (450, 500, 560 and 630mm diameter) and all are fully speed-controllable for flexibility in performance with an extensive duty range up to 3.92 cubic meters per second.  Along with specifications, technical and dimensional data, wiring diagrams and accessories, the brochure carries case studies where PowerPlus fans have been successfully fitted in established, well known restaurant kitchens.

The PowerPlus brochure also demonstrates similar typical applications in a kitchen extractor system and in a constant, fresh air-supply system for an office.  It also gives full details of the two types of cylindrical silencers that can be supplied as standard and other accessories available from Elta Fans: impeller guards, flexible connectors, matching flanges, bellmouth inlets, non-return dampers, mounting feet and AV mounts.

The PowerPlus brochure is available for download from their dedicated website www.demandcontrolventilation.com or a printed copy can be ordered by contacting them on: 01384 275 800.

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