Eighty years-old, looking great and still performing

Some may think that being eighty isn’t that cool. They’d be dead wrong. There’s a lot to be said for experience, development and track record. In 1936 the BBC began broadcasting, the Spitfire roared onto the aviation scene and the homogeneous flooring Mipolam from international flooring and interiors specialist Gerflor was launched. It’s been a legacy of providing a product that’s always been truly fit for purpose, delivering incredible levels of hygiene protection and durability to a host of market segments.

Gerflor’s high-performing Mipolam ranges come in a sheet format; a homogeneous flooring that is highly suitable for heavy duty traffic. Mipolam Esprit, Elegance and Symbioz™ have a group T wear rating and with innovative non-directional designs; they are a popular choice in many sectors where hygiene must be maintained. The fight against infection control remains a crucial issue for many specifiers as one in 16 people treated by the NHS are reportedly picking up an infection. Floorings that meet ultra-clean requirements therefore play a vital role in preventing the transmission of microorganisms. Supplying a product that’s tried and trusted by a vast swathe of healthcare facilities has been key to Mipolam’s ultimate success over the past eighty years.

By combining the Mipolam range with its patented Evercare™ surface treatment, Gerflor has delivered a product that offers unparalleled stain resistance to blood and chemicals (including iodine), the best slip resistance in its field, astonishingly low maintenance and unique environmental credentials. Gerflor’s Evercare™ surface treatment ensures no wax for life and bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties ensure increased levels of hygiene. It is also 100% recyclable. The slip resistance performance with use of Evercare™ surface treatment across the range has established that the flooring performed to more than ≥36 (wet) on the pendulum test, giving low potential for slips.

Mipolam can be specified in public areas, schools, offices, computer suites, indoor leisure centres, factory floors and storage areas, together with hospital wards, corridors and cleanrooms requiring an aseptic environment. Mipolam provides a versatile solution for both refurbishments and new build projects.

When the Circle Partnership wanted its new Reading hospital to look like a hotel it needed stylish flooring with the highest hygienic standards. They chose Gerflor’s Mipolam Symbioz™, which is available in 26 colour references. Robert Botwright, Head of Procurement for Circle Partnership commented, “Mipolam Symbioz™ is a good-looking product. We carried out some tests with chemicals commonly found in hospitals to make sure it worked, as stain removal can be an issue in hospitals, particularly in operating theatres”. Mipolam Symbioz™ contains over 75% sustainable or renewable raw materials. It includes 100% bio based plasticizer, made of residues from cereals. Gerflor’s unique looselay flooring solutions do not require any adhesives and they are constantly striving to develop better VOC-free systems. 

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