Effective Solution for Southern Water Struvite Problem

East Worthing Treatment Works has been suffering from struvite build up in system pipework, causing major problems within the digestion process. This has not only impacted on the business financially, but carried a high level of risk to compliance. The impact has been no centrifuges running to produce sludge cake and intern odours (sic) created from sludge holding tanks, which had a detrimental effect on local residents.

This has meant Southern Water Mechanical Technicians spending on average 20 hrs a week using mechanical aids to chip away scale from pump bowl and impellers, resulting in reduced running time of the plant. A short term solution was introduced which involved dosing with chemicals; this began to emulsify the scale enabling the digestion process to be restarted and compliance maintained, but this was financially expensive and not economical over a prolonged period. Southern Water staff felt sure there had to be another, more successful, cost effective method available.

Research online and exploring the experiences of other companies steered Glen Stock, Southern Water Area Process Initiatives Manager, towards Environmental Treatment Concepts Ltd. Following an initial meeting he felt confident about what he had seen and heard, and deciding he had nothing to lose, as using chemical treatment was estimated to be costing £4k - £6k a month, he decided to install Scalewatcher ENiGMA units.

Commissioned at a price of £12K, the equipment has now been running for six months to date with no apparent problems with either pumps blocking or process issues. The total saving for Southern Water at this site is estimated around £100k per year.

Glen is very pleased with the level of service given and the results to date: "A simple solution has been provided by Scalewatcher ENiGMA making savings for our company whilst reducing a heavy maintenance load/labour costs and in the process improving efficiency. As a company we are thrilled with the results".

During current ongoing consultations with staff from ETC, Glen is now exploring using this patented technology on other fluid systems that could save Southern Water further time and money, whilst improving operational and equipment efficiency.

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