Pamela Tan's mythical steel landscape

Malaysian artist Pamela Tan has designed an art installation called ‘Eden’ an all-white mythical landscape which resembles a cathedral-like temple. Tan’s installation encourages viewers to rediscover the pleasure of slowing down to closely observe the natural world.

On entering the space, visitors are enveloped in conservatory-like structures which mimic the architecture of Victorian London’s Great Exhibition of 1851. Lily white pebbles cover the floor and lead visitors through the arched and curling pathways. Glass spheres resembling water droplets balance on steel root-like structures which hover over the arches of the installation. By manipulating the height of the steel arched structures, Tan plays with shadow and encourages visitors to relax and unwind in her ‘Eden’. 

To view more of Tan's work click here. To view more of Yeow's photographs visit his website

By Anna Marks.

All image credits: David Yeow






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