Ecophon ceiling systems and wall panels have been specified many times in the past for the construction of busy commercial premises to help provide a comfortable acoustic environment. However, the creation of a call centre in South Wales has also called on the company’s ability to provide coloured products in pursuit of a visually calming and attractive interior.

Ecophon was able to supply its Focus DXL ceiling system and Alpha Wall Panels in special shades of blue to complement the desking and other decorative finishes within the Bridgend premises of LogicaCMG, an IT and business services provider for a wide number of well known clients.

The portal-framed property was stripped back to its steel structure by main contractor Wates Interiors, for a complete redevelopment of the building to suit its new function. While the Cardiff based consultancy, Powell Dobson Architects, provided the design input, Stortford Interiors was employed as the installer of the Ecophon Systems.

Commenting on the success of the scheme, the Project Architect for Powell Dobson, Mr Barrie Jones, said: “The call centre measures some 50 metres by 20 metres long, with the ceiling rising from four to five and a half metres in height, due to the portal frame – and the feel of the space was considered just as important as the acoustics by the client.”

“We embarked on an assessment of alternative ceiling systems, based on a value engineering exercise, and Ecophon came out as a very effective and pleasing solution.”

Ecophon’s technical representatives provided samples and test evidence relating to acoustic performance and demonstrated that it was also able to supply the tiles and wall panels in the blue colours to blend in with out designs. The Focus DXL system featured in the fit out, along with the USO1 trim, presents slightly angled edges to create the effect of floating rafts. “Because of the colours and the excellent acoustics it is really a very calming space to be in. You can find yourself whispering when you go in almost like in a chapel. The client is very pleased with the outcome”, says Mr Jones.

Ecophon’s Alpha Wall Panels are frequently specified for locations such as school classrooms and other educational establishments because of their ability to help reduce the reverberation period, and thereby improve audibility.

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