Mitsubishi Electric has become the first UK manufacturer of heat pumps to be awarded the European Eco-label in recognition of the superior environmental performance of its Ecodan® range of residential heating units.

The label guarantees that the company’s three Ecodan products meet the European Energy Directive environmental criteria for heat pumps.

“Eco-labels are only given to class-leading products so we are delighted that Ecodan has been recognised in this way,” explained John Kellett, General Manager of Mitsubishi Electric’s Heating Systems Division, which markets Ecodan in the UK. “This highlights how renewable Ecodan is as a heat source and raises awareness of the financial benefits of fitting an Eco-label product in advance of financial incentives due next year,” he added.

In April 2011, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is planning to introduce a Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) which will encourage energy companies to incentivise the use of renewable heating.

In simple terms, this means that anyone using an Ecodan unit will be paid for every kW of renewable heating they produce. Ecodan harvests in order of 3kW of renewable energy from the outdoor air for every 1kW of electricity consumed, and can cut monthly fuel bills by over 30 per cent compared to a gas boiler.

Ecodan can reduce household fuel bills immediately so it can help hard pressed families struggling with the rising cost of heating,” added Kellett. “Fitting Ecodan will also ensure that these homes are able to take full advantage of RHI which will cut fuel costs further and reduce the payback period.”

The European Eco-label – known as the Flower – applies with immediate effect to the PUHZ W50 VHA(-BS); PUHZ W85 VHA2(-BS); and PUHZ HW140 VHA2(-BS) Ecodan models some of which are manufactured in the UK at Livingston in Scotland. The three units make Ecodan suitable for almost any size of home and also allow it to be retrofitted to older properties that have been thermally upgraded.

“Securing an Eco-label means meeting the highest environmental and performance standards so it is a real credit to both the hard work of colleagues at the Livingston factory and in research and design around the globe,” ended Kellett.

Ecodan is straightforward to install, will work with both radiators and underfloor heating, and supplies efficient hot water even in the middle of winter. In addition to lowering fuel bills over traditional carbon-based heating, Ecodan will also reduce emissions by half over traditional gas boilers and qualifies for both the English £400 boiler scrappage scheme and the UK Microgeneration Certification Scheme grant of £900.

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