Eco-friendly Air Uno gets energy efficient with their contemporary induction hobs from Foster

Air Uno has added two new induction cooker hobs to its sleek new range of products from Foster, Italian manufacturers of contemporary kitchen appliances. Faster and more energy-efficient than traditional hobs, induction cooker hobs are ideal in an eco-conscious world. All the energy is transferred to the pot and the food within whilst on a normal ceramic glass hob some of the energy is wasted heating the cooktop and the air around it. Induction cooking has an efficiency rate of 90%, while electric and glass have efficiency rates of less than 50%.

The other advantage is safety. The cooking surface has no open flames and is a great thermal insulator, so that it stays cool enough to touch without injury. Also the hob can detect when cookware is removed or its contents boil out, so safety features are included whereby automatic turn-off is activated. Although induction hobs are more expensive than traditional hobs, the saving in energy soon recoups the initial investment. Air Uno offers two models including a three- and a four-burner design. Prices: £959 (three burner) and £1,235 (four burner).

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