New product announcement - Ecco Concertina Loft Ladder

The Ecco combines Premier Loft Ladders’ popular Mini loft ladder with the latest multi-point loft hatch technology. The result is a durable, airtight and highly insulated space saving loft ladder.

This compact concertina loft ladder is built from durable, lightweight aluminium components. It also features a counter-balance spring system, therefore making the Ecco very easy to operate. It is pre-assembled within a highly insulated wooden hatch box, which features a 4-point latching system, much like you would find on modern windows. As such, the hatch box achieves an airtight seal all the way around the trapdoor.

Space saving solution…

The Ecco concertina loft ladder has been designed for use in smaller ceiling openings. It is available made-to-measure for apertures as small as 80 cm by 55 cm. Furthermore, it can reach floor-to-ceiling heights of 3 m (or 3.25 m with a 90 cm long aperture). This makes the Ecco the ideal solution for new-build or retrofit in residential and light-duty commercial applications.

Easy to install…

Ease of installation is another notable benefit of the Ecco. It is supplied ready to install with fixing screws. It also comes with snap-on cover strips to give a clean finish.

Keeping in the warmth…

Based upon the same system as that found on the Designo and Quadro wooden loft ladders, the Ecco features a highly insulated trapdoor with a multi-point latching system. As a result, the Ecco helps to keep in the warmth and prevent draughts. In addition, it comes supplied with WDL tape fitted around the outside of the hatch box. This sealing and insulation tape provides a snug fit between the hatch box and the ceiling structure, therefore further helping to prevent heat loss into the cold loft space above.

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