Eagles flying high in the perfect atmosphere

A commitment to product quality and service is at the heart of Paul Eagles’ business. An emporium offering fine food and wine, his new shop boats the best shopping and serving environment – kept fresh and environmentally comfortable by Unico heating and cooling system.

A recent move to a new store in Deddington, near Banbury, has enabled Eagle Foods to create the perfect food hall shopping experience. An open plan hall featuring granite counters and a porcelain floor, air quality and atmospheric comfort were among the most important factors when specifying the building services. After speaking with experienced installer, Charles Stark of Total Comfort Solutions, Paul Eagle had no hesitation is accepting the recommendation for a Unico system.

Using heat pump technology, the central heating and cooling system delivers warm or cooled air via small, unobtrusive ducts in the ceiling and wall panels around the shop. The system is ideal for an area with regular exposure to outside atmosphere, as it is responsive and sends air at the desired temperature to all points of the room.

Thanks to Unico’s unique, small-duct high-velocity airflow technology, there are no draughts in the food hall and temperatures remain constant and consistent form one area to another. There is not need for radiators or wall units and neither staff not customers notice the source of the constantly refreshed air. “The conditions are perfect for our business,” says Paul. “The Unico System has delivered beyond our expectations and the costs was not prohibitive.”

Paul’s customers have followed him from his previous shop in Bloxham and the new store, a former post office and supermarket, is much larger to cope with the demand for Eagle’s food services which include a delicatessen and top quality wines. Nicknamed the “Harrods of Deddington”, the atmosphere created in the shop is all-important to Paul; “We don’t just serve food here, we prepare it as well and I am more than satisfied with the environment we have created.”

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