Durapipe Registers at Edlington School, Doncaster

A complete package of pipework from the Durapipe building services portfolio has been installed within a new school recently constructed in Doncaster under the Building Schools for The Future programme.

The major construction project at Edlington School utilised our Friatherm, SuperFLO and Vulcathene pipework systems, due to the one-stop-shop solution we can offer for schools.

Friatherm pipework in sizes up to 90mm was used for the domestic hot and cold water services throughout the school due to the speed of installation the system offers and to reduce the risk of theft on site. With copper being a major target for thefts, utilising Friatherm ensured the safety of the site during the construction stage. The purpose designed plastic pipework system is completely limescale free and corrosion resistant, offering a 50 year design life.

Contractors NG Bailey required a cost effective and durable solution for the rainwater harvesting distribution pipework and so specified SuperFLO in sizes up to 63mm. Durapipe SuperFLO is designed to offer the end user significant cost savings; the lightweight ABS material and quick and easy jointing technique reduces installation costs, whilst the corrosion resistant pipework ensures efficiency and durability.

The Vulcathene chemical drainage system was installed throughout the science laboratories in sizes up to 102mm. Safety has to be the number one priority within schools and with experiments in science laboratories often leading to unknown combinations of chemicals being created, it is imperative that the drainage system can safely transport any waste. Vulcathene can offer education establishments the reassurance that it has a proven pedigree in dealing with all manner of chemical waste cocktails from laboratories across the world and over many decades.

Commenting on the selection of Durapipe products, Ryan Street from NG Bailey said: “We required several different pipework systems for this project to cater for the variety of applications within the schools and Durapipe was able to provide all the systems we needed, making it a much simpler process for us.

“Each system offers superior performance levels for its particular application, coupled with speed and ease of installation. By using Durapipe UK it meant we had one point of contact for all our pipework needs and the technical support and on-site training that was provided by the manufacturer was excellent. We will definitely be adopting this approach from Durapipe UK again on future projects.”

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