Ductile iron takes to the road

The message that ductile iron is the best material for water and sewer pipe applications is to be taken the length and breadth of the UK thanks to a novel initiative from iron technology leader Saint-Gobain PAM UK.

The company has developed a radical and exciting platform to take the ductile iron story direct to key decision-makers in the water industry and to demonstrate its superiority over competing materials.

The iTEK Roadshow is a fully liveried demonstration vehicle which opens out like an exhibition stand and utilises the very latest communication techniques to demonstrate – in a highly visible, interactive and compelling way – all the benefits of ductile iron with all the quality, innovation and technical expertise of Saint-Gobain PAM UK.

It explains how ductile iron is different, why it should be specified, its durability, and how its cost, environmental attributes and performance compare with other materials. Touch screen technology allows visitors to see for themselves the very latest innovations in action.

Paul Hancock of Saint-Gobain PAM UK explained: “Modern ductile iron is realistically the only material that can cope with any demand in pipeline applications. Recent innovations, based on extensive research and development, have created advanced solutions which offer optimum durability and performance alongside ease of installation and cost-effectiveness.”

Would you like to arrange for the iTEK Roadshow to visit to your company? Just call Saint-Gobain PAM UK on 0115 930 5000 to speak to a member of our technical support team.

For further information visit www.saint-gobain-pam.co.uk/water-press.

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