Drugasar rises to the challenge at magnificent Glossop Catholic Church

St Mary Crowned Roman Catholic Church in Glossop, Derbyshire is the largest and one of the most beautiful churches in the High Peak area. It was built in the late 19th century at an incredible budget of £17,000.00 as a memorial to Francis James Sumner, the first Mayor of Glossop and a prominent local businessman.

The church has dimensions of 45 metres long by 18.5 metres wide, with the roof soaring to over 23 metres high. The heating of such a large and impressive structure is a major challenge for a heating company. Not only does it need to be warm for the congregation, but the heating needs to compliment the architecture of the church. It also needs to be flexible according to the variable use of the building throughout the year.

The company with the expertise to meet this challenge was Drugasar. Their heaters are in use in thousands of churches, schools and other public buildings throughout the UK. As well as producing many types of heating products, Drugasar also provides design, consultancy, installation and technical support.

Drugasar recommended the installation of a total of 18 ‘K’ series powered flue gas wall heaters in the main church, with a ‘wet’ system providing back-up in the kitchen and meeting rooms. Powered flue heaters combine a high heat output with low energy consumption and increased reliability. They have the ability to warm up a building quickly, essential when it is not in use every day. The unobtrusive flue systems connected to the heaters are only 110 mm in diameter and are inserted directly through the outside walls, causing minimal alterations to the fabric of the building.

The total project was completed on-time and on-budget by Drugasar’s own team of fully qualified heating engineers. The Minister of St Mary Crowned, Monsignor Canon J E Moore, expressed great satisfaction at the quality of the heating system and the professional approach of the Drugasar team.

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