Drugasar launches carbon offsetting programme for churches and schools

Drugasar is Britain’s leading supplier of heating services to churches, schools and other public buildings. The company has teamed up with the carbon offsetting organisation mycarbondebt.com to offer all new customers the opportunity to make their contribution to help reduce climate change.

Every complete new installation that is supplied by Drugasar’s service and installation division will have the carbon debt for that installation paid by Drugasar for the first year of its operation.

Contributions paid to mycarbondebt.com support ethical and sustainable projects worldwide. The company is currently funding a range of tree planting schemes in Africa and India.

A fully audited certificate will be presented to each organisation that takes part in this initiative. At the same time, individuals such as members of the church congregation will be encouraged to offset their personal carbon debts by using the mycarbondebt website.

The scheme was recently unveiled at the annual Christian Resources Exhibition.

A spokesperson for Drugasar said: ‘We are aware that we all have a responsibility to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Our wish is that in the near future technological advances will be developed to stop these emissions. Until that day arrives we feel that we must make our contribution to help alleviate the worst effects of climate change.’

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