Drugasar and Calor Gas combine to help uplands community

Drugasar and Calor Gas have recently joined forces to provide an important heating service to a remote Welsh community.

Merthyr Cynog Community Hall is an important community centre serving the villages of Merthyr Cynog, Upper Chapel and Pontfaen in the Brecon Beacons area of Mid Wales. The villages form part of an uplands community that is at least 8 miles from the nearest shops and services.

The hall is used an average of 3 times a week all year round by organisations such as Young Farmers, W.I., senior citizens and the local youth club. There are regular activities such as Whist drives, auctions, musical concerts and private parties.

The vast majority of the events cannot take place without adequate heating, so the committee recently faced a mini crisis when it became clear that the existing heating system had to be replaced.

Thanks to the enterprise of local residents, they were successful in obtaining a special O2 award of £1000 as part of a programme to assist rural communities. This covered almost half of the cost of installation, with the rest coming from local fundraising.

With funds in place for the project, the committee selected new ‘Art’ series gas wall heaters from Drugasar, powered by Calor LPG. The heaters are balanced flue models that draw air from outside the building for combustion, providing efficient and comfortable heating for large spaces such as churches, school assembly halls and village halls like this one. They can be run on either mains gas or LPG and require no electrical supply, making them ideal for remote sites and portable buildings.

The choice of Calor Gas meant that the hall was supplied by Britain’s leading LPG company, ensuring first class service and the option of quarterly payments to help the organisation’s cash flow.

Commenting on the installation, the committee chairman John Munday said:

‘We are delighted with the appearance and performance of the new Drugasar heaters. We were also impressed with the expertise and courtesy of the Drugasar engineers, who completed the installation on-time and on-budget.’

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