DRU and Calor Gas combine to provide heating and comfort to historic village church.

Church heating specialists DRU, in partnership with Calor Force, have recently completed a new heating installation at St Luke’s church in Garford, Oxfordshire.

This unique church dates from 1291, but was largely rebuilt in 1880. It is a grade II listed building, which is used for services once a month and at Christmas, Easter and Harvest Festival. Baptisms, weddings and funerals also take place there and it is valued as an important focal point for the village.

The church was probably established as a ‘chapel of ease’, enabling village residents to worship locally rather than travel to the parish church of All Saints in Marcham. It can only be accessed through a farmyard and has no mains gas and limited electricity.

Until recently, the church had no heating since an old solid fuel stove was removed.

St Luke’s selected DRU Art series heaters because they can be run on LPG and require no electrical supply. They have a balanced flue system, which draws air from outside the building for combustion, resulting in quiet, comfortable and efficient heating.

The installation was carried out by Calor Force as part of a general restoration programme, which is being funded entirely from voluntary donations.

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