Driving Simulator Dome

Design & Display Structures have been awarded the contract by XPI Simulation to design and build the motion-based simulation dome for their Nottingham University project.

Utilising years of engineering experience in the construction and leisure industries, including projection domes of various configurations supplied worldwide, D&D will provide a complete pod solution comprising structural floor, steel frameworks to firmly locate six HD projectors and GRP dome enclosure with entrance and connection points for necessary M&E services.

Wrapping around a Jaguar X type the whole structure will be mounted and moved in the required directions by XPI's driving simulator software controlling a Bosch Rexroth triangular motion base.

As most existing driving simulators do not meet the visual resolution required by driving tests the University's psychology department wanted a simulator which not only provided realistic movements in a believable environment but also matched the eyesight requirement for driving.

XPI's solution is to adapt the driving controls of a real Jaguar X-type, mounted in a dome on a hexapod with blended images from six high resolution projectors. Having focused on UK driving simulation for almost five years, XPI claims to have the most extensive library of UK road types and artificial intelligence rules representing typical UK driving behaviour.

The dome construction will be designed, manufactured, preassembled, checked for form and function before being repackaged in kit form ready for transportation and site installation late 2010.

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