making homeowners happy across the Midlands

Drivewayfix materials have been used on a range of driveways across the midlands with a hundred percent success rate, and customers of TVG have been really pleased with the results.

Registered ‘Drivewayfixer’, TVG Design and Build have secured driveway restoration projects in Bromsgrove, Redditch and Solihull.

TVG’s extensive experience, and their ‘Drivewayfixer’ status, enabled them to secure the projects with ease. The Drivewayfix products allowed for a quick and easy repair, giving driveways a new lease of life within a matter of hours! offers a range of innovative and trusted products that will repair potholes, cracks and patches, and rejuvenate faded Tarmac drives.

The range includes Drive Revive®, a water based paint which revives tired and dull Tarmac driveways; Rapid Repair, a fast setting repair for concrete paths and PaveJoint, a ready to use jointing compound for narrow and wide joints.

Other products available are:

  • Pothole Repair Kit – repairs potholes for good
  • Fix or Grout – bedding or pointing mortar
  • Seal & Stop – prevents weed growth

Want to become a ‘Drivewayfixer’?
Becoming a ‘Drivewayfixer’ is easy. Get in touch and you will be invited to join the team on a Drivewayfixer training day where you will learn all you need to know about the products, and be set on the path to increasing your skill set.

Once you have signed up you will receive a starter pack including flyers, quote sheets, pens, van stickers, and post-it notes to promote your new business venture!

As an added benefit, will forward all online enquiries in your local area straight on to you, so you can provide a drivewayfix quote directly.

With many contractors on board already, you would be crazy to miss this opportunity! It is a great way to enhance your business portfolio and skill set.

For further information on the range of products from or becoming a ‘Drivewayfixer’ please email or call 01827 254469.

To contact TVG Design and Build please call 07917 273781 or email

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