Drawn To The Future Interviews

-Drones and 3D Mapping Inspires Engagement
Interview with Rita Lambert, The Bartlett Development Planning Unit with CASA

-Oculus Rift's Rollercoaster and the Future of Planning       
Interview with Andrew Hudson-Smith/Oliver Dawkins, The Bartlett

-Building Decay into Sustainable Future
Interview with John Cook, Westminster University

-Scratching the Surface of Architectural Imagery
Interview with Richard Benson, Pikcells

-Timeless Virtues in the Shifting World of Architectural Model-Makinng
Interview with James Smith, Amalgam Model Makers 

-App Delivers Real-Time, In-Place, Photomontages of Design Proposals
Interview with Neil Clark, EYELEVEL Creative.

-From Design Process to Empathy, Deep Engagement and the Immersive Image
Interview with Fergus Bruce of Soluis.

-Master Planning Unleashed: Gamers and Cities - Skylines
Interview with Karoliina Korppoo, Colossal Order

-Atomhawk: Visualising Landscapes in Gaming and Hollywood          Interview with Ron Ashtiani, Atomhawk

-Frackpool: Envisioning Post-Industrial Sustainability
Frackpool by Jason Lamb, The Bartlett School of Architecture

-Harnessing and Visualising Big Data for Urban Planning
5D Smart City by Cityzenith, Chicago

-Why We Need A Food Parliament
Interview with CJ Lim, Studio 8 Architects

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