Drawing Exhibition supported by industry leaders

Late last year FX Magazine and Blueprint launched a competition challenging their readers to draw anything from a hairbrush to a skyscraper using a series of technical drawing hints and tips that were published in the magazines. These printed hints and tips by 'Drawing at Work' showed how you can achieve two-point perspective, isometric and single-point perspective drawings using a simple grid template and step by step examples.

The lessons, designed to enable readers to transfer ideas to engineers, clients and contractors were hugely popular and helped to attract over 150 entries to the competition from across the world.

This exhibition showcases the winning submission, the five shortlisted drawings and 70 of our favourite entries. The drawings display a range of subjects, styles and ideas which are all tied together by strong technical drawing skills which are at the heart of the competition.

The exhibition has been made possible by the kind support of AluK with industry leaders Ege Carpets, Bisley and , Forbo generously supporting the launch event.

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