Dow Building Solutions puts innovation at heart of UK energy efficiency drive

Dow Building Solutions called on the construction industry to put innovation centre stage at a recent government launch aimed at making the UK one of the world’s leaders in energy efficiency.

The event – held on February 4th to announce the launch of the Department for Energy and Climate Change’s energy efficiency mission – saw around 200 leaders from industry, government, advisors and major trade associations, including the Construction Products Association, gather at the illustrious Royal Society in Westminster. 

All were greeted with a written welcome from former US President, Bill Clinton, who stressed the UK’s position as a centre for green policy advancement.

Prime Minister David Cameron addressed the event, stressing that tackling climate change, reducing energy demand and improving energy efficiency had to be a “shared endeavour” between government and industry, along with other partners. 

Speaking during the closing session, Jayne Law, MBE, of STYROFOAM insulation manufacturer Dow Building Solutions, highlighted the role that the construction industry can play in bringing forward innovations that could help the government meet its ambitious targets.

In a speech titled “Energy Efficiency – A Platform for Innovation,” she talked about the key role STYROFOAM extruded polystyrene insulation has already played in improving the energy efficiency of the UK’s building stock, but said there was more to be done.

“The burden of energy costs is catching up with us all and fast - at home, in the office we work in or at our manufacturing facilities,” she said.  “Unless things change, energy costs threaten to become the enemy of financial freedom for a significant section of the population and a competitive burden on the UK as it competes in a global economy.”

Jayne Law cited the Green Deal as a great opportunity for British industry.  However, she also called for a step change in science, in attitudes, in investment and joint government-industry commitment to make the difference, as well as commitment to improving building regulations with progressive legislation.

“The opportunity to really innovate is finally with us, so let’s not miss it,” she enthused. “This is a great platform from which our industry can further develop its role in the energy efficiency arena, and with the UK government – including the Prime Minister himself – so clearly supportive of the agenda it’s a fantastic opportunity for us to contribute to vital policy making as well.

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