Electric heating market leader Dimplex offers a wide range of doorway ‘draught busters’ which overcome the problems of draughty doorways that must remain open for business, even those up to four metres high and six metres wide.

Creating an ‘invisible barrier’ of air over open doors and entrances, the CAB and DAB ranges improve comfort levels within the building while minimising energy costs by preventing draughts and escaping heat through constantly used doors and entrances. They effectively maintain two different temperature zones and keep warm or cooled air in and fumes, chills, heat and dust out.

The ranges come in a choice of 1m and 1.5m lengths, with outputs up to 18kW. A high degree of flexibility of design can be achieved as the units are modular, so a tailor-made, individual design is possible, almost regardless of the size or shape of the area. For larger doorways, up to 10 units can be linked together using an optional kit to provide ‘gap-free’ coverage across the entire door width.

The CAB and DAB air curtains are easy to install, with optional recess kits available to ensure all models can be easily concealed where an inconspicuous ceiling installation is desired.

Dimplex’s CAB (for commercial use, with optimum mounting up to 2.7m above the floor) and DAB (for commercial or light industrial use, with optimum mounting up to 4m above the floor) ranges create a powerful airflow to eliminate doorway draughts year-round in even the most challenging of environments.

Performance is maximised by placing the air curtain directly above the entrance with the full door-width covered, to ensure the fast moving air stream blocks air movement. Adjustable outlet grilles give precise control over air-flow direction and banish draughts.

A comprehensive choice of water heated, electric or ambient models are available in varying outputs and sizes. The ranges are compatible with timers and door sensors for additional control, while all models are fitted with a built-in Building Energy Management System (BEMS) interface as standard, meaning the air curtains can operate as part of an integrated energy management system for improved comfort and control.

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