Door furniture makes a grand entrance

Whether the doorway to a home or the main entrance to a hotel, Samuel Heath believes that the front door presents the best opportunity to make a statement about the building and its owners, creating the perfect first impression for visitors.

Few product ranges exemplify the ‘first impressions count’ adage more than Samuel Heath’s distinctive collections of high quality solid brass door fittings. Available in four very differently styled suites, the company’s door furniture offers variety and choice for the designer, builder and homeowner.

The Contour, Profile, Jupiter and Cobden suites enable complete furnishing of the front door and include door knobs, handles, letter plates, door knockers, key locks and bell pushes. The suites also feature a range of co-ordinating fittings for windows and interior doors, allowing the distinctive style set at the front door to be extended throughout the premises.

Profile offers a simple, smooth finish which creates a timelessly elegant style, whilst Contour features intricate detailing and the classic concentric circle pattern that has become its hallmark. Jupiter’s minimalist, clear-cut lines and streamlined finish are ideal for contemporary styles, whereas Cobden possesses a classic, bold appearance with ornate detailing and sculpted features.

Designed and manufactured to Samuel Heath’s renowned high standards of quality, utilising time-honoured techniques and advanced production processes, all products deliver exceptional levels of durability, ensuring that they continue to perform and retain their stylish appearance for years.

With a range of finishes, from contemporary chrome to more traditional polished brass, warm polished nickel and stainless steel, Samuel Heath door furniture provides designers and homeowners with the potential to create a grand entrance in classic or contemporary fashion.

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