Door Company Automatically Doubles Sales

In just eighteen months, automatic door operator company Global Automatics has successfully doubled its sales to over £1.5 million.  It is quite a success story for a company that only started in 2007, setting out to design, develop and manufacture in the UK a range of products which would make an installer’s life easier.

Set up and run by Del Thomas, managing director and his uncle Rob Thomas, who looks after logistics, Global Automatics is very alert to installers’ needs and knows that specifiers need a reliable product too.

Explaining the company’s success to date, Del Thomas who comes from an installer background, commented,  “ From eleven years’ experience of installing automatic doors, we knew the frustrations of installers and as Global Automatics we set out to resolve them.  All our products are designed for fast installation.”  He continued, “People forget the long-term running costs of such equipment and so we make sure every device in the unit is on a separate plug so any later problems can be easily diagnosed and some systems even have full diagnostics on display telling the user what’s wrong – sometimes for instance, it’s the building’s fire alarm which has affected the door operation.”

Such is the company’s confidence in its own products that it provides an eighteen-month warranty instead of the usual twelve-month cover by other suppliers.  Del Thomas commented again, “ There is a lot of complacency in the market by other suppliers which leads us to ensure that we have the right focus on quality and customer service.  As well as designing products for easy installation and longevity, we also place great emphasis on a range of free training courses available to commercial door companies on automatic doors.”

Under the Premier brand, Global Automatics offers a full range of sliding door, swing door, folding door and retrofit kits for a variety of markets from retail and local authority to leisure and education. It has an important brand new product about to be launched for the end of 2011. 

The company has a comprehensive support network including telephone support, online technical advice, videos, templates, support with estimates and sales lead generation.

Global Automatics has some aggressive plans for the future, setting its sights on becoming the top UK supplier and manufacturer of automatic door systems within five years.  Emphasising this, Del Thomas said “ We are great believers in reviving the UK manufacturing sector and our future expansion will see us widening our range of UK designed and manufactured product aimed at lowering the cost of an automatic door installation, yet with a complete commitment to quality.  We also see plenty of opportunities for selling our products into Europe and America where the hotter and colder countries need automatic door technology even more to regulate a building’s temperature, either keeping the heating or air conditioning inside.”

Further information of Global Automatic’s activities is available from Global Automatics, Unit 3 / 4, Brickfield Industrial Estate, Finway Road, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP2 7QA, telephone 0845 643 0013, email: or by visiting the company’s website at

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