Don’t be a victim of Potholes – Repair them today!

According to a recent report on the popular ITV1 programme Daybreak, potholes are the cause of almost a third of car repairs. Tyres, wheels and steering alignment often take the full force of the damage, costing hundreds of pounds to repair – don’t be out of pocket, repair your potholes today!

Potholes  are becoming an increasingly familiar site on our roads and as Daybreak recently reported, they are becoming one of the biggest causes of car damage.

Although we have no control over when potholes on roads are repaired, we can do something about the potholes on our driveways – introducing the Pothole Repair Kit from Drivewayfix.

One of the best selling lines from Drivewayfix, the Pothole Repair Kit is used to permanently repair unsightly and dangerous potholes. They are filled in minutes and can be walked or driven over instantly – repairing a driveway couldn’t be quicker or easier!

1 Pothole Repair Kit is sufficient enough to repair a pothole of 1m² at 15mm deep.

Other products available from the Drivewayfix range of driveway and patio restoration materials are:

•        Drive Revive® - water-based paint to rejuvenate faded tarmac drives
•        Rapid Repair – rapid set concrete repair
•        Seal & Stop – solvent free paving sealer
•        Fix or Grout – bedding or pointing mortar
•        PaveJoint – jointing compound
To see just how easy the Pothole Repair Kit is to apply, visit for an easy to follow step by step guide to repairing potholes.

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