Does your building matter?

The building that you inhabit can say a lot about you to the rest of the world. Architecture and interior design often have a language of their own. It can say whether you are modern, future forward, or more tied to the roots of the past in a solid and dependable industry. Even the location of your business can have a big impact on how successful you are. 

So, whether you are fully established or still in the process of forming your limited company, it is important to consider how you brand your business with your building and how this speaks to your client. However, you must also consider whether or not a building’s style is the be all and end all of your business.  

What your building says about you

Take, for example, a doctor’s office. This is often sparse and clinical, professional and clearly communicates a long-standing knowledgeable feel. A doctor’s examination room can be relied upon to be the same across the UK. Compare this to an office such as Apple headquarters; they have been in the process of building a new circular office to showcase their infinite loop of ideas and creativity. It speaks to the motto of the brand, “Think different.” They are not confining themselves to the square of a conventional building; instead, their offices will reflect the core principle of their business and take another new step towards this ethos. 

So, if your brand is about innovation, future thinking and creativity then your office should reflect this. An open space, interesting design layout and a modern decor can be the first steps to help reflect this company brand. The more of your company you put into your building, the more your customers will come to understand you. 

Location, location, location

The building that you inhabit may come second to the location of the place. The location of your business should reflect your brand; a financial servicer should be located in a financial district, a retail business located on a high street, and so on. If your business is located somewhere without much relevance to your business you may find yourself too out of the way for consideration. 

If your business relies on foot traffic then the location is a key consideration. An area that does not see many people on a daily basis would be a terrible location to set up a business, as you rely on those feet carrying them into your business. Conversely, a business that requires a level of confidentiality may benefit from a more discreet location. In this case, the building itself would not matter, rather the convenience of your clients would be the most important issue. 

Being surrounded by competition does not sound, on the face of it, to be an appealing prospect. However, a business in an industry where comparison shopping is popular may find that it becomes an advantage, especially if what you offer clearly outweighs your competitor. 

The location of your business can determine a lot and, on average, much more than the style or overall aesthetic of your business. So, when determining where to base your business, always consider substance and location over style. 

Other characteristics of a great business

Of course, your building can be as stunning as can be, but if your business does not reflect or reciprocate then you will find it does not matter. Clients are impressed by a number of things. A clear commitment to employees and customers, a positive culture throughout your business, and a clear understanding of both can be a key element of success for any business. 

Buildings full of hard working entrepreneurs who bring life and hard work to your business are worth much more than a beautiful exterior. The right attitude, good ethics, a clear plan and focus are also important aspects to portraying your business in a good light. 

Ultimately, your building is the first impression. It is wearing a suit to a job interview, combing your hair for work and maintaining your outward appearance. People make split-second judgements from the first meeting in a lot of cases. Of course, the way you run your company and the premier services you offer will be what keep your clients coming back. However, it’s always a good idea to get off to the best start possible!

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