Divine warmth gladdens congregation

In 2005, after years of fundraising, Tansley Methodist Church in the beautiful Derbyshire Dales underwent a complete refurbishment of the roof and worship area. In the worship area a Unico system, powered by a hot water boiler, was installed for heating the large space. Mr Ian Strange, property steward of the church, recommended the Unico system because, in the seating area, there was no room for even the most compact radiators.

As part of the refurbishment the floorboards were lifted, and during this period the Unico air handler module, pipework and mini-duct supply tubing were conveniently installed in the space under the church floor by contractor Premier Gas. From here, mini-ducts were extended out to the walls, which were clad in pitch pine to 4ft high. The Unico mini-ducts, just 5cm in diameter, were able to pass up behind the cladding and small air outlets were fitted into the walls near floor level. With a choice of slotted, paintable, stainable or hardwood outlets, roughly the size of a CD, it was easy to find something to blend in with the historic chapel, built in 1827.

The Unico high-velocity warm air system is known for its quiet operation, despite its impressive performance. The European standard for air outlets is 35dab so the Unico System falls well short of that. The system design ensures that even a whispered prayer is audible. Mr Strange reports that the Minister and congregation are also delighted with the speed with which the church heats up. “It was essential, for comfort as well as economics that the church reaches temperature quickly,” he says. “As the building is not used for days sometimes, maintaining a background heat would have been an unnecessary cost.”

The aspiration performance of the Unico System ensures that cold spots are eliminated and that the temperature at floor level is almost equivalent to that at ceiling level, an ideal attribute for churches and buildings with high or vaulted ceilings.

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