Discovery Dock

Architect: Shepherd Design Material
: Reconstructed Stone
Contractor: Shepherd
Construction Finish: Honed
Size: 8,800 square metres
Location: London
Description: The building forms an L-shape, comprising a corner tower of 23 storeys and two wings of 15 and 17 storeys. Techrete provided a total of 1000 precast concrete cladding panels, weighing up to nine tonnes and typically measuring 6 x 3m. They clad all facades of the building and were erected in 40 weeks. Windows, integral thermal insulation and horizontal fire stops were incorporated into the panels at the Techrete factory, before delivery to site. Additionally, as part of the prefabricated process, panels were cast into cutouts to accommodate steel cantilever support beams to balconies The off-site manufacturing technique provided a quality end-product, which was made in a controlled environment using skilled labour whilst maintaining speed of production.

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