DIRTMAG set to revolutionise dirt separator market

A pioneering magnetic dirt separator has been launched by Altecnic, featuring a revolutionary removable magnet designed to enable fast and effective particle release, as well as offering a highly effective dual filtration.

Launched officially at PHEX in November, the versatile patent-pending DIRTMAG filters both magnetic and non-magnetic particles continuously and is available immediately as a horizontal or vertical system, with or without a tailored insulation jacket. Offering the ultimate in flexibility, both versions fit a full range of pipe sizes, and the horizontal system even has the facility to add a Minical air vent.

The launch follows an extensive development programme, which drew on wide-ranging research of installers, facility managers and distributors and as a result of the feedback, Altecnic focused on maximising usability, performance and ease of maintenance. Engineered and tested to the highest standards using the latest European technology, Altecnic’s breakthrough product overcomes a number of challenges faced by installers and service engineers when servicing traditional dirt and air separators.

The powerful, external magnet belt pulls the metallic particles against the sides of the DIRTMAG chamber, trapping and safely storing them from costly system components such as boilers and pumps. The design and shape of the body, creates an area of low pressure, just above the filter chamber, reducing flow velocity and allowing all particles, both metallic and non-metallic, to easily drop out of suspension.  The non-metallic particles are then trapped in the internal stainless steel, gauze filter.

Cleaning and servicing is also very easy as the external magnetic belt simply unclips allowing the metallic particles to fall into the bottom of the integral drain tap, ready to be flushed away. Once flushed, the belt simply clips back on and the cleaning process starts again.

As the magnets are external to the flow, there is no need for a time consuming and messy strip down and plumbers are assured the system is completely clean.

The DIRTMAG is the latest in a line of innovations from the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of quality plumbing equipment, Altecnic and its parent company Caleffi, which is best known in the dirt and air separator market for its durable Dirtcal.

Gary Perry, Altecnic’s technical director commented: “By listening to both installers and distributors, we identified what they really needed and have combined a number of innovations to radically transform the way we protect and prolong the life of heating systems. 

“The DIRTMAG not only looks strikingly different with its distinctive magnetic belt, but it also represents a major leap forward in how technology is being used in this market. Installers can maintain the DIRTMAG without shutting down the system, minimising disruption, and can physically demonstrate to their customers how effective the device is, by showing them the debris that is collected inside the system, quickly and easily.”

For more information about Altecnic’s DIRTMAG and other products in its range visit www.altecnic.co.uk or call 01785 218200.

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