"Dinner," at Heston Blumenthal

We are delighted to announce that our Ambient Acoustic plaster system  has been chosen for Heston Blumenthal's new "Dinner" restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Knightsbridge. To achieve the necessary ambiance reverberation noise had to be kept to a minimum, and our system ticked all the boxes. Tihany Interior designers and architects Denton Corker Marshall provided a challenge with the intricacy of the ceiling design, but the flexibility of our system provided an extremely pleasing and practical result. The restaurant opened last month and as expected is being heavily booked.

The sprayed plaster system can be applied to any MF system or substrate and provides a seamless finish (without need for expansion joints) in either smooth or textured finsh. A large range of pastel colours are also offered. For further information and samples call 01302 760843 or visit the website at

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