Dimplex has welcomed the Committee on Climate Change’s (CCC) first report, Building a low-carbon economy, and its call to reduce emissions of all greenhouse gases in the UK by at least 34% by 2020 (relative to 1990 levels) rising to 42% if a global deal is achieved.

In particular Dimplex welcomes the CCC’s recommendations that these figures can be achieved by moving away from fossil fuels to cleaner forms of generating electricity and heat, including nuclear, Carbon Capture & Storage and the use of renewables.

The committee comments that the demand for moderate temperature heat for space and water heating in domestic situations and demand for heat for industry, sometimes at a very high temperature, give major opportunities to reduce emissions, albeit on different timescales and using different technologies.

In its summary document, the CCC notes that meeting an 80% reduction in emissions by 2050 is challenging but feasible, providing a range of emission reducing options is used, including heat sector decarbonisation. The report states that this will be achieved through increased use of various options including ground and air source heat pumps and modern electric storage heating.

With regard to heat pumps the CCC also comments that both ground and air source heat pumps deliver heat energy more carbon efficiently than gas. The committee looked at the technical potential for installing such systems, estimating that around nine million homes with gardens could be fitted with ground source heat pumps, with additional opportunities for air source heat pump installations.

The CCC is an independent advisory body to the government, established under the Climate Change Act, with the key objective of advising on setting carbon budgets and reporting on the progress made in reducing emissions.

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