Dimplex Renewables Design Service Does The Business

Dimplex’s renewables design service is helping installers and specifiers quote quickly and accurately on all kinds of renewables projects, and offers expert help in meeting the requirements of the updated MIS 3005 heat pump installer standard.


With the new standard now up and running, Dimplex’s renewables design service helps achieve compliance first time for heat pump projects, taking the pain away from preparing the detailed heat loss calculations which must now be completed.


Durham-based heat pump installer Natural Warmth has been involved with heat pumps for around five years. Andy Howard, commercial director, says: “We’ve used Dimplex’s renewables design service and find the team’s skills, knowledge and experience are evident. However, it’s the completeness of the designs which we appreciate. We can have confidence that all parts of the system are considered and we’re getting everything for a complete solution. Also, the way the technical knowledge is communicated makes a complex system easy to understand, by translating detailed calculations into practical recommendations on equipment.”


Rob Mack, technical manager at Dimplex Renewables, says: “Even though installers may have been working with renewables for years, the requirements of MIS 3005 can add complications for installers trying to turn heat pump quotes round quickly and win business. The Dimplex renewables design service has been put together to help installers and specifiers present well-thought-through proposals and fast-track the quoting process.”


Depending on the speed of the service required, Dimplex’s renewables design service can supply either a ‘quick quote’, giving an approximate figure of kW output required for an installation, or the full MIS 3005 service, which provides all calculations needed for compliance, as well guidance on appropriate heat pump model, hot water cylinder, heat emitters and ground collectors, if required.


Installers can help speed up the design process by having to hand all relevant information about the project, for example, construction U-values, full accurate dimensions, and external and required internal temperatures.


For installers and specifiers wanting to really get to grips with the details of MIS 3005, Dimplex Renewables is also running CPD seminars on the updated standard.

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