Dimplex Piermont Stove in TV Renovation

A Dimplex Piermont stove has featured in the Sarah Beeny Channel 4 TV show ‘Help! My House is Falling Down’, where it added a cosy but maintenance-free touch to a renovation in Lancashire.


When Carole Johnson inherited her father’s 1950s bungalow in Lytham St Annes, she hoped to live out her 'Good Life' dream, with a wood burner a key part of that. But after major building work on some serious structural problems, Carole decided the Dimplex stove gave the right welcoming feel at the flick of a switch, without any of the flueing, fuel storage and cleaning issues of a solid fuel appliance.


Carole explains: “I wanted to be ‘green’ in my new home. The bungalow was meant to be a place where I could move towards self sufficiency, grow my own veg and so on, and I really wanted a wood burner. But a huge crack appeared in the dining room and also the floor was sloping alarmingly, and I was informed I had a serious subsidence problem; it was a real predicament and I just didn’t know what to do.”


After the Channel 4 show stepped in, a new central heating boiler was installed, as well as a new cast iron fireplace with plaster surround in the front room of the house, so there was no additional heating requirement.


Carole says: “I’d looked at a log burner for the combined kitchen and living area at the back of the house, but a chimney wasn’t practical, as to comply with Building Regulations it would have been too tall for the bungalow, plus we didn’t really need the extra heat. But when I saw the Piermont, I knew it was the perfect solution – no mess, no fuss, and I can just switch the stove on when we need it!”


Local family business Paul Green Period Mouldings switched Carole on to Dimplex’s amazing Opti-myst effect. Director James Green says: “Carole came to us as we’d worked on the house previously; my father, Paul Green, put in the fireplaces in the bungalow, about 20 years ago, so it was very satisfying for us to be involved in the 21st century update.


“From the start Carole was keen on having a stove, but as installing a wood burner would have been technically challenging, we knew that an electric fire would solve all her problems by giving an instant focal point to the room, without any hassle. When we showed her the Piermont stove with its realistic Opti-myst effect, there was no going back!


“We’re very impressed with Dimplex’s Opti-myst fires, we’ve got a Chesford inset design on permanent display. We run the smoke and flame effect constantly during opening times, and it attracts a lot of attention because it just looks so real.”


The revolutionary Opti-myst electric flame effect has realistic flickering flames and swirling smoke created by a patented water atomising system. The effect can be seen across a 180° viewing angle and is fully variable, from gently smouldering embers to a roaring fire.


Carole adds: “I’m absolutely thrilled to bits with the Piermont, it ticks all the boxes and has real benefits. There’s no cleaning, for a start, and no log storage space is required. The electric stove gives just the look I was hoping for in the open plan kitchen/living area, and sets off the handpainted cream kitchen beautifully.”


Dimplex’s Opti-myst range includes stoves and inset designs in both classic and more contemporary styles. More details and a video of the smoke and flame effect can be found at www.dimplex.co.uk/fires.

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