Britain’s businesses can now have a ‘trade boosting’ open door policy thanks to the Dimplex ranges of over door heaters and commercial air curtains that help overcome the problems of frequently opening and draughty doorways.

Designed to encourage trade and allow the free movement of people without the hindrances of doors, there are products within the Dimplex range to suit all types of businesses, from small shop doorways to larger entrances such as shopping centres, offices or warehouses.

Selecting the correct type of product for different applications is, however, essential says Dimplex product manager, Phil Chilton. “Over door heaters and higher performance commercial air curtains operate in subtly different ways and the difference between them is often misinterpreted, so it’s important to choose the right product for the application,” he explains.

The popular Dimplex AC range of over-door heaters are ideal for smaller premises and provide a localised heating effect around the doorway to offset draughts caused when doors open and shut. There are five models in the range, including a 3kW wireless remote control version and a new 3kW recessed model, which allows the heater to be unobtrusively installed in a suspended or false ceiling.

Improvements in internal comfort by preventing draughts, pollution and heat loss through frequently opened doors are achieved with the Dimplex commercial air curtains which are effective year-round.

Dimplex air curtains force air at high speed across the entire width of the doorway, creating an “invisible door”, blocking air movement between the internal and external environments and thus allowing doors to be left open continuously without heated (or cooled) air escaping. However this is only fully effective if the air stream covers the full width of the door and reaches the floor. This is important, as it minimizes the air entering the area, giving a much more effective performance.

The new Dimplex CAB and DAB ranges are designed for installation up to 2.7m or 4.0m from the floor and up to 10 models can be linked together for installation over the widest of doors. Both ranges are available as either electrically heated, ambient (for use in cold store applications) or for use with a low pressure hot water system. Optional ceiling recessing kits are available, allowing the air curtains to be installed in a ceiling void, while control is either by a remote wall mounted unit or via Building Management System (BMS).

To aid installers in specifying the correct product for their application, a range of comprehensive product specification and installation guidance is detailed in Dimplex literature, installation instructions, website and from the customer services helpline. In addition, Dimplex are also able to provide a full design service to specifiers and installers, including system design and a free on site survey if required.

“As well as the basic differences in operating principles between over door heaters and air curtains, the Dimplex support package and design service are available to help clarify the finer points of specification and installation, as attention to detail makes a big difference to the performance of the product and comfort levels of the building users,” adds Phil.

Dimplex Customer Services Tel: 0870 727 0101 or Fax: 0870 727 0102 email: customer.services@glendimplex.com or www.dimplex.co.uk

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