There’s a new ‘two in one’ heating solution with the launch of the new MIR40 stove style fire from Dimplex that provides a highly flexible blend of a realistic electric fire with ‘wet’ system compatibility.

The MIR40 fire is hydronic so it connects to an existing ‘wet’ central heating system to replace a radiator, giving a heat output of up to 2kW. This can be boosted with an extra 2kW of heat from a concealed electric fan heater, giving a total of up to 4kW heat output.

Providing an ideal alternative to a radiator, the MIR40 stove connects to the central heating in the same way as a radiator, but an electric fan system passes the warm air from the hot water via a heat exchanger into the room, providing up to 2kW of heat.

The fire can be used all year-round as the flame effect and fan heater are electronically powered and operate independently of the central heating system to provide 2kW of fanned heat, with a choice of two heat settings and a thermostatic control for added economy.

And, like all Dimplex Optiflame fires, the realistic flame effects can be ‘lit’ without selecting heat, costing about the same as two light bulbs to run to give the effect of a glowing focal point fire on dull but mild days and evenings. As the stove is electric, it requires no annual gas safety checks or maintenance and it is ideally proportioned for most rooms. It is freestanding, requires no hearth and stands 690mm high with a width and depth of 564mm and 270mm respectively.

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