Dimplex is launching the ultimate in electronic panel heaters with a new range that combines both ‘brains and beauty’ with sleek designs and advanced user controls.

Suitable for use in either panel only installations or as a supplement to Dimplex DuoHeat radiators, the new EPX range is designed to complement the styling of DuoHeat, with a ribbed front detail for a fully co-ordinated and aesthetically pleasing look throughout any installation. And the ‘brains’ are in a range of flexible advanced control solutions, giving installers a broad range of options to meet the needs of any application.

Launched to meet the demand for panel heaters that ‘stand out from the crowd’, the competitively priced six model EPX range provides unmatched flexibility of choice for all types of commercial or domestic applications and in particular to fulfil the needs of leading property developers. The modular control options with varying functions are available separately, allowing the installer to tailor-make the system for the most exacting specifications.

Customer feedback and research played an important role in the EPX range development, said Chris Davis, marketing manager for Dimplex.

“This new range has been specifically designed for the UK market and we worked closely with our customers during the development process to bring together everything in one package. Everyone wanted a range which not only complemented the aesthetics of our popular DuoHeat radiator, but also had UK-friendly control functions such as simple to understand 24 hour timers, rather than imported products based around European requirements,” he explained.

The stylish slimline design of the EPX range features a forward facing louvre grille for optimum heat circulation, with gently curving sides and the ribbed front design detail replicated on the DuoHeat radiator. All six models are splash-proof to IPX4 with a depth of just 108mm and outputs ranging from 0.5kW up to 2.0kW.

Extending the flexibility of use is the range of plug in control modules, including a digital 24-hour timer for each individual heater, through to a one zone pilot wire controller, capable of controlling up to 10 ‘slave’ heaters on a seven day time basis. For applications such as hotels or student accommodation, an integrated runback timer module is also available. And the range is compatible with new Dimplex 4 zone central control units, able to control multiple heaters across different heating zones and time programmes, linked by either pilot wire or mains-borne signalling. Available from November 2005, the EPX range is designed for ease of installation, with detachable wall mounting brackets. The range has a standard warranty of two years.

Dimplex Tel: 0870 720 0036 Fax: 0870 727 0114 email: marketing@glendimplex.com or www.dimplex.co.uk

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