Electric space and water heating market leader Dimplex has the green light for energy saving with the launch of a comprehensive range of heat pumps, in response to the growing demand for sustainable, low carbon heating solutions.

With over 25 years experience in manufacturing ground source and air to water heat pumps, predominantly for the demanding German, Swiss and Austrian markets, thousands of Dimplex heat pumps are installed throughout Europe, providing highly efficient, low carbon space and water heating using inexhaustible, freely available heat sourced from the ground or air.

The launch of the new range in the UK has been planned in time to meet what’s set to be a major growth area in the heating sector, says Chris Davis, Dimplex marketing manager.

“Heat pumps are readily accepted on the continent as one of the most energy-efficient forms of heat generation available today. With government CO2 reduction targets, the implementation of the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and UK energy prices continuing to rise, it’s all pointing to the clear need for sustainable energy solutions that not only reduce carbon emissions but also help to significantly reduce energy bills for users,” he says.

“Government incentives such as the Clear Skies programme, which provides grants of up to £1200 for heat pump installations, are also encouraging demand for this type of product. By taking a positive step into the heat pump market, we’re ensuring that the UK has a brand leading name and proven product range to help take the market forward,” he adds.

The Dimplex range, which includes ground source and air to water heat pumps, many suitable for single-phase installation, is contained in a full colour product brochure. The range also includes a number of innovative products, such as an 8kW “Compact” air to water heat pump for internal installation that comes as an all-in-one package for easy specification and installation.

A national network of approved Dimplex heat pump installers is being established, together with an installer training academy. A full package of pre and post sales support, including a specialist technical services team able to advise specifiers and installers on product selection and installation requirements will also be available.

For further details of the Dimplex range or how to become an approved installer, please email marketing@glendimplex.com or ring 0870 720 0036.

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