Dimplex now offers an even wider choice in heat pumps than ever before, with the addition of new ground source and air source models to the UK’s widest range, offering high outputs, high temperatures, small footprints and suitability for hot water supply.

New single phase ground source models offer efficiency at high temperatures, achieving flow temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius to provide hot water as well as space heating, eliminating the need for any supplementary heating immersion. The SI MEH range offers great flexibility in configuration on installation, allowing outputs of up to 11kW to be used to heat domestic hot water or even swimming pools, while the SI MEKH range offers outputs of up to 9kW from a compact footprint of just 652mm x 688mm, ideal for space saving in domestic installations.

In addition, the new ground source range includes the SI TER+ high capacity reversible units with outputs of up to 75kW, which are suitable for both heating and cooling in commercial buildings. In cooling mode, the range uses recovered heat to produce high flow temperatures, delivering hot water at up to 60 degrees Celsius.

Air source technology also offers new high output models, with the LA 40 AS offering a 40kW output and a flow temperature of up to 58 degrees Celsius. Designed for outdoor installation, this heat pump gives a typical CoP (coefficient of performance) of up to 3.8, even with the outdoor temperature as low as 2 degrees Celsius.

An extended choice of domestic air source heat pumps is also available in the form of the LAK 10 M, a 10kW single phase outdoor unit with a maximum water floor temperature of 58 degrees Celsius and an impressive CoP of up to 4.10 (A7/W35). The new compact unit has a sound pressure level of just 46 decibels at 10 metres enabling the requirements of permitted development rights to be met within the scope of a typical domestic UK property.

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