With the latest changes to Building Regulations Part L promising to put an increased emphasis on controllable, energy efficient heating systems, the Dimplex DuoHeat radiator provides the perfect solution to reducing carbon emissions and achieving high SAP scores.

The unique “smarter heating” philosophy of DuoHeat, combining advanced levels of performance, controllability and a unique balance of off-peak and direct acting heating to provide improved levels of energy efficiency has now been recognised by SAP2005 – the Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure for the energy rating of buildings.

By providing up to 10% carbon savings over conventional off-peak heaters, installers and specifiers can continue to benefit from all the traditional advantages of electric heating such as low capital, installation and maintenance costs, but with the reassurance that they will not be penalised when considering Part L compliance.

But carbon savings are only part of the issue when it comes to SAP ratings, as running costs also have a direct influence over the building’s overall “energy efficiency” score, says Chris Davis, Dimplex marketing manager.

“Running costs continue to be a hot issue for developers, landlords and end users, particularly in the current climate of escalating fuel prices. The real benefit of DuoHeat is that not only does its high levels of controllability result in lower carbon emissions helping Part L compliance, but also the fact that a significant proportion of its energy is still provided from off-peak electricity means that running costs are kept low, boosting the SAP rating score. In effect you get the best of both worlds!” he explains.

Launched in 2003, DuoHeat has been widely acclaimed as the most important development in electric heating for over a decade, a fact confirmed by recognition of its benefits in SAP2005. Heat is provided from a carefully balanced mix of off-peak and direct acting sources, giving DuoHeat the flexibility and controllability to match the user’s lifestyle, while managing to keep running costs comparable to a traditional off-peak electric system. It can operate independently or as part of a whole house heating system, in conjunction with the Dimplex ranges of slim line electronic panel heaters and multi-zone central control programmers.

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