Dimplex Boosts Heat Pump Funding with DHPPP

Dimplex Renewables is helping householders and housing organisations get even more out of switching to renewable heat by offering a £150 top-up for the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) funding for heat pump installations.


Designed to help boost demand for heat pump technology prior to the launch of the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive next year, Dimplex’s Heat Pump Premium Payment (DHPPP) will boost the funding available for air source installations to £1000 and for ground source installations to £1400.


Chris Davis, business development director at Dimplex Renewables, says: “The government has extended its RHPP scheme for a further year, awarding one-off payments for off-gas heat pump installations, and we hope this will help maintain interest in renewable heating until the domestic RHI is up and running. However, at Dimplex we recognise that in these tough times our Dimplex Renewables Accredited Installers are still encountering customer hesitation over investing, so we decided to add an extra incentive of our own to help out.”


Even without funding support, the savings on fuel bills that heat pumps offer stack up on their own merits. However, the relatively high up-front costs of these systems can make it difficult for homeowners and housing providers to make the switch. RHPP funding, with Dimplex additional £150 top-up, can help remove that barrier, allowing more installations to go ahead.


The DHPPP is available on any RHPP-qualifying installation of a MCS-approved Dimplex ground or air heat pump. The installation must be carried out by a Dimplex Renewables Accredited Installer and completed by the end of March 2013, or the end of the RHPP, whichever is sooner.


All the customer has to do to collect their DHPPP top-up is provide proof of their RHPP offer from the Energy Saving Trust, upon which Dimplex issues a £150 voucher. When the RHPP payment has been received following the heat pump installation, the customer sends the voucher and proof of RHPP support to Dimplex, which then writes a cheque for £150.


Information on the DHPPP top-up, as well as on the RHPP scheme, features on the Dimplex website at www.dimplexrenewables.co.uk

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