Electric heating market leader Dimplex is adding extra flexibility to its all-in-one mat-based undertile heating system with the introduction of new smaller mat sizes.

Designed to meet the demand for under-tile heating in smaller bathrooms and ensuites, two new mat sizes of 1m and 1.5m square are now available. Ideal for both refurbishments and new build, the popular Dimplex system comes in modular packs and is designed for ease of installation with a connection point that uses only one heating wire.

The latest addition of smaller mat sizes to the range comes at a time when under-tile heating is more popular than ever as the UK’s appetite for home improvements continues to grow, says Phil Chilton, Dimplex product manager.

“Under tile heating is becoming an increasingly popular solution for bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories to provide comfort underfoot on what would otherwise be a cold tiled floor. Our system is designed to make it easy for installers to meet this fast growing demand, with the added reassurance that the product comes from a brand leader and with a 10 year guarantee,” he explains.

Dimplex’s all-in-one mat-based system comes ready to fit and as it’s electric, it is a safe, permanent and maintenance-free solution. Heating wires are fixed to a flexible mesh making installation quick and easy, while an element diameter of only three millimetres - one of the thinnest dual core cables available – means floor depth is kept to a minimum.

Fitting is easy onto ply or, preferably, insulated tile backer board on top of either suspended timber or solid concrete floors. The mats (not the wire!) can be cut and turned or flipped to fit the area to be heated, allowing floor coverage in even the most awkward room shapes.

Installation of the floor temperature sensing probe links to an easy to control thermostatic programmer which provides economy of use by ensuring the heating is set to the user’s exact hourly, daily and weekly needs.

Dimplex heating mats are available up to 6m2 in size and are ideal for all tiled floors including natural stone or ceramic which are increasingly popular in conservatories, kitchens and bathrooms.

Dimplex Tel: 0870 720 0036 Fax: 0870 727 0114 email: marketing@glendimplex.com or www.dimplex.co.uk

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