Dik Geurts unveils a new wood stove with combined water heating capability: Store H2O!

Dik Geurts Haardkachels B.V. has launched the first model of a new generation of central heating wood stoves: the Store H20. The onward development of the well-known Lars central heating stove has resulted in even greater efficiency, convenience and a unique design.

The new Dik Geurts Store H20 stands out principally for its unique, distinctive and robust design. Compared with other central heating stoves, which generally have a traditional design, the Store H20 from Dik Geurts is a truly eye-catching. Importantly, Dik Geurts has also enhanced the efficiency of its central heating stoves by introducing the Store H20, thus meeting the growing demand for higher water heating capacities.

At least 60% of the total output of the Store H20 (10-15 kW) will be delivered to the water. Among other things this is because the Store H20 is provided with a water jacket that goes all around the stove. This enables optimum use of the direct heat of the fire, which will now heat all the water in the jacket around the stove. The water undergoes still more heating because rising flue gases are first routed through the heat exchanger before discharging into the exhaust. The window has double glazing. This allows the Store H20 to retain even more heat and Dik Geurts thus optimises stove efficiency. As relatively little output (+/- 4 kW) goes into the room where the stove is located, it is also possible to install this amply sized stove with its wide and full-view fire in smaller rooms.

Besides efficiency, when developing the Store H20, Dik Geurts devoted attention to ease of use. Among other features the Store H20 has a cleaning indicator that goes red when the heat exchanger needs to be cleaned. So you don't need to remember when you last cleaned the heat exchanger. The cleaning of the heat exchanger is surprisingly easy compared with other central heating stoves. After removing the top cover it is easy to reach the heat exchanger from the inside. A brush for cleaning the heat exchanger is provided as standard with the stove.

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