Desire to be Different with Wienerberger

Wienerberger has launched five new stunning product lines in its latest architectural brochure, Desire to be Different. Increasing the architect’s range from 48 to over 120, the collection sees the debut of the Megaline, Aquarius, Arcadian, Pure, and the Colour Fusion glazed brick range.


Head of the trends is Megaline the latest addition to Wienerberger’s slim brick range available in 288 x 88 x 48mm in seven colours ranging from red multi through to grey and smoked black. These ultra thin bricks reflect current trends with architects looking for a contemporary aesthetic, and have already featured in an array of cutting-edge architectural works on the continent.


“Increasing the architectural range to 12 distinctive product lines, this collection features a broader variety than ever before; from classic traditional to cutting-edge contemporary. In particular, there has been a growing demand for thinner format products which offer the same performance as a traditional brick, but provide an entirely different aesthetic finish. This is also true of the smooth edged varieties, hence the launch of the Megaline, blending two trends into one product,” said Simon Pearson, Wienerberger’s director of sales, brick.

Aquarius is a new range of water struck products that are available in vibrant plain and multi coloured options. Water struck bricks are similar to stock and handcrafted bricks, apart from a production technique which uses water instead of sand to release them from their moulds. Water struck bricks can have a smooth face for a contemporary look or a variable texture which gives them a more rustic appearance, and are available in 50, 66 and 73 mm sizes.


Arcadian is a range of plain and multi coloured facings with a dragfaced or sanded surface to create additional texture, available in seven colours. While Pure is a range of uniformed shaped bricks in seven monotone colours with a fine sanded finish.


Glazed bricks in the Colour Fusion range are now available in 12 standard colours with bespoke orders available in almost limitless colours and shade variations from the RAL colour spectrum, which can be produced in a variety of sizes, offering architects and designers a true artist’s palette.

“With this range we wanted to offer architects and designers ultimate flexibility and choice in terms of texture, colours and finishes so that they can build contemporary structures in brick. We like to work with architects and specifiers, encouraging them to try new products which can provide a fresh aesthetic with the durability and sustainability they demand from the product. The new ranges demonstrate how Wienerberger has responded to the growing demand for contemporary applications for brick and allow architects to access all the performance characteristics of traditional brick while delivering a high impact look and feel,” he added.


Bringing together 123 bricks with a variety of textures, colours and finishes, encompasses styles and trends from the contemporary to the classic. In addition to the five new product ranges launched, Wienerberger has added additional colours and sizes to its existing architectural range.


The second of the two thin-format, smooth-edged product ranges in the brochure is the Roman, for architects wanting to achieve a sleek finish. One of the thinnest bricks that Wienerberger manufactures, the range has been expanded to seven colours in a traditional creased texture or a smooth water struck finish. Echoing the classic proportions of an ancient style of brick, the Roman is almost double the length of a traditional brick, and two thirds the height.


As the world’s largest brick manufacturer, Wienerberger has an unrivalled product range. The vast selection of shapes, sizes and textures within the Wienerberger portfolio enables the creation of almost any aesthetic finish, giving free reign to the designer’s imagination. The latest architectural range can also be seen at our showrooms in Manchester, Newbury and Belfast, and is featured at Wienerberger’s new London showroom at The Building Centre.

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