Design & style with top class audio

PMC’s installation specialists HAV Solutions have recently completed a discreet and stylish home theatre using the wafer1™ on-wall loudspeaker with TLE1 subwoofer to complete a 2.1 system.

“This style of system has become more and more popular as it allows you to enjoy the wonders of surround sound without the inconvenience of multiple speakers.” Stuart Hackman comments.

“It incorporates the very best in 2.1 surround system from ARCAM and the subtle delights of wall mounted speakers from PMC. We have also combined the audio with the latest in visual products from SAMSUNG and of course the fantastic picture created by SKY HD.”

The wafer 1™ is the more compact of the two models in the range, best suited to installations where a discreet and elegant look is all-important, but quality of audio reproduction remains paramount. The Wafer1™ is an ideal accompaniment to latest in high-resolution visual displays to create a supreme cinema experience, or a compact yet high performance stereo system.

• Samsung Full HD LCD Television.
• Arcam Solo Movie 2.1.
• PMC wafer 1™Speakers.
• PMC TLE 1 Subwoofer.

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