Design Service to aid uptake of eco-lighting

LEDtec (UK) Ltd. is offering a free of charge lighting design service to assist businesses wishing to move to a more energy efficient alternative.

Organisations looking to replace their traditional lighting installations with greener LED alternatives can find the process daunting and off putting due to the perceived costs involved and uncertainties over what the final result will be.

Clyde Roberts, LEDtec (UK) Ltd. says: “We can plan every inch and every lumen needed to correctly light an office, warehouse, retail outlet or leisure centre. We calculate and visualise daylight, as well interior lighting intensity.  We then prepare photo realistic electronic visuals of the plans and either email these or upload them to a server.  The visuals can then be saved in a PDF format file.

LEDtec (UK) Ltd. offers both existing and prospective customers this free lighting design visualisation service using specialised software. For accurate realism, the programme visualises furniture and furnishings in the plan layout.

LED lighting technology uses up to 88% less energy than incandescent bulbs. The long lifespans and low energy use make LEDs economically attractive because the running and maintenance bills are lower. Replacing current non energy-efficient light sources with LEDs will provide substantial economic benefit while at the same time reducing CO2 emissions.

LEDtec (UK) Ltd is a high quality LED lighting products manufacturer which specialises in the research and development of indoor and outdoor LED Lighting products.   The products have a 7 year warranty and LEDtec will promptly replace free of charge any light bulb that fails to meet its terms and conditions.

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