demista makes further inroads into Russia

Latest foray into Russia for R & D Marketing’s demista™ heated mirror pads is in the recently opened luxury Crowne Plaza hotel in central St Petersburg where all the bathrooms have easily-fitted heated mirror pads invisibly fixed to the back of the mirror to ensure they remain steam free.


Specified for the hotel by the Russian company Renaissance Construction, the demista™ pads have already made an impression on leading Russian bathroom furniture manufacturer, Aquaton.   So far R & D Marketing have supplied 30,000 heated pads for Aquaton’s fitted vanity units and the orders continue.


R & D Marketing, based in Cobham, Surrey, currently export around 60% of their British-made products. As well as the demista™ heated mirror pads they also market bathroom cabinets with heated mirrors and Cosyfloor underfloor heating.

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